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‘I’ve Got Wood for Weiner!’

By Dan …Anthony Weiner, that is (sorry former Express colleagues). After Congressman Anthony Weiner committed the most comically ironic sexual scandal in history by posting his Congressional member on the twittersphere, Weiner’s making a comeback (or has ‘yet to decide’)! The … Continue reading

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Holloway 2.0

By Michael More than 60 days ago, a number of prisoners in the Guantanamo Bay Prison started a hunger strike (Now 84 of them). Some of you might be wondering, “hey mike, didn’t President Obama plan to shut down that … Continue reading

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#BostonStrong (updated as of 11:30pm 4.19)

By Dan This week we saw one of the most horrific scenes imaginable during the Boston marathon. I don’t need to go into details, since we all know the details by now. But I felt I needed to touch on … Continue reading

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The Resilient City

By Michael There are many days when I miss my hometown. Whenever you ask a Massachusetts transplant in another part of the country where they’re from, they’ll proudly answer Boston (even though, like me, they probably lived outside the city). … Continue reading

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Gun Violence, Facebook, and FLOTUS

By Dan “They deserve a vote!” has been the quote coming out of the White House since the State of the Union Address. And unless you’ve been living under rock, or only watch Fox News, you know that this is … Continue reading

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Welcome to D Street Politics!

By Dan Here we are. Two educated, hilarious, witty, modest, eligible young adults trying to make a name for themselves in our nation’s capitol in order to eventually take over and run this town. This blog is really nothing more than … Continue reading

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