Welcome to D Street Politics!

By Dan

Here we are. Two educated, hilarious, witty, modest, eligible young adults trying to make a name for themselves in our nation’s capitol in order to eventually take over and run this town.

This blog is really nothing more than my roommate and I rambling on about what issues have pissed us off lately, and how we’d like to see things done differently. This usually consists of railing on Republicans (mostly by yours truly) and writing sarcastic commentary about today’s politics.

Neither of us are ideologues, and are more than willing to hear any argument presented to us. We may even be willing to change our views if presented with a compelling case. Just make sure you come backed with facts, sources, and nothing from the Heritage Foundation.

You’ll see us take on a pretty wide range of issues. This could be national social policy, race and gender politics, or comments made by some dumb-ass Congressman from Bumblefuck (ahem…talking to you Congressman Don Young). Either way, we’ll be sharing our opinions on the matter while hopefully making you laugh; or at the very least blow a little air out of your nose.

Look for updates a few times a week, and enjoy!

-D Street Kids

P.S. Follow us on Twitter @DStPolitics!

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