Live Blog: POTUS Syria Speech

Hey Everyone,

Dan and I have decided to do a “live-style” blog of the Obama speech tonight. Since there have been so many developments, we wanted to give you a constant feed of our thoughts and ideas on the Syria development, Obama’s presentation, the speech itself, and what the repercussions might be. Here it goes:

Watch the full speech below. Timestamps should be pretty easy to follow. Starts at 9:01 when he walks on screen:

9:01 – Dan & Mike – Whoa, he’s on time

9:03: Dan – Obama giving some pretty graphic details of the pictures he has seen of the chemical weapons used. Americans haven’t responded well to the chemical warfare aspect yet, but Obama seems to hope a description will change that.

9:05 – Mike – “we cannot resolve a civil war through force…[but] when he gassed over a thousand people…including children” – Obama
Mike – He seems to be making a case, not for the overall atrocities of the world, but chemical weapons alone. He referenced WW2, and the chemical warfare treaty. He also made the case for it being gov’t only, not opp. I wonder if he’ll touch upon the fact that assad admitted to using chemical weapons? Will he change pace, speechwriters seem a day behind

9:06: Dan – Sarin Gas. Did Aaron Sorkin and the writers for The Newsroom know something we didn’t?

9:07: Mike – The Iran defense. Obama sounds like he has decided to send a military strike against Syria. NO! There were diplomatic ways to deal with this. This is the worst decision our president has made so far.

9:08: Dan – POTUS asking for support of congress. We basically know Congress won’t approve a strike. Answer whether or not you’ll do it regardless.

9:09: Dan – What could you possibly make a “targeted strike” on that would effectively send a message?

9:11: Mike – If Assad is already willing to give up chemical weapons, how will a strike against Syria help that?!? Russia won’t be able help us, as well as China. Then they definitely won’t give up the chemical weapons. This is a horrible blunder, when Kerry’s blunder could’ve saved you.

9:12: Dan – AMERICA!! FUCK YE….oh wait….no…NOT the world police.

9:14: Mike – First he said missile strikes, then we’ll ask congress, but now we’ll take a diplomatic path? What were your speech writers smoking?!?

9:15: Dan – The speechwriters must have been running around like Chip Kelly’s Eagle offense from MNF today. This speech is all over the god-damn place.

9:16: Mike – Now he says congress push back the vote so we can take a diplomatic path. JESUS.

9:16: Dan – back to the painful images. I don’t think it will stick. He said it himself….Americans are sick of war.

9:17: Dan – Oooh…actually telling people to watch the video of the attacks. Jesus dude.

9:18: Dan – Wow. what the fuck did I just watch?! Whoever those writers were need to be fired. Somebody call Toby Ziegler and Sam Seaborn!!!

9:19: Mike – One of the weakest, most convoluted, and terrible speeches I’ve ever heard by Obama. He was all over the place, seemed like he was calling for a strike, then back to diplomacy again, then onto something else, and then back again. It was a horrible attempt at selling a singular, strong message to the American people. A complete failure of a speech, and it definitely won’t win over anyone in Congress, the American public, or the World community.

Final thoughts: As Mike stated above. This is easily Obama’s worst speech as president. Not only did he not explain anything, he didn’t explain three different things that were all vastly different. It’s as if his speech was written 4 days ago (likely the case), and after the developments of the last few days the writers decided to just throw in the other stuff at the end. The Commander-in-Chief was anything but that tonight.

When Vladimir Putin is schooling you on diplomacy, you’re doing it wrong.

This post….in 6 seconds:

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