The House GOP Just Did the Smartest Thing They’ve Done in a Long Time

Writer’s note: To our loyal readers (or whoever may be left), my sincerest apologies for failing to update you with some sarcastic, cheapeasy, witty jokes and commentary regarding today’s political happenings for the last four months. Mike has been busy with a big boy job where he writes all day and comes home wanting to do anything except write. I, on the other hand, don’t have a good excuse and just got lazy. Anyway, I have a new schedule that will allow me to get back to being (sort of) on top of this. I’ll have a few announcements in the next few days, so keep posted to the Facebook group and Twitter. Until then, enjoy my newest post.

By Dan

In the last 4+ years we’ve seen the hostile takeover of the Republican Party by the tea-bag wearing, John McCain censuring, legitimate rape spouting (making fun of Todd Akin will never get old), climate change denying, creationist wing of the GOP.

"Taxed Enough historically lower rates than previous generations!"

“Taxed Enough Already… historically lower rates than previous generations!”

These self proclaimed constitution experts somehow think it’s been okay to downgrade our credit and nearly default on our obligations to pay back our loans because they don’t want to see taxes on the top 2% of Americans go up. They got what they wanted in the 2011 debt ceiling talks, and the Bush Era tax cuts were extended for a year. That opened the floodgates to the GOP doing this every single time the debt ceiling was about to hit and thus making them unlikely to increase it for any substantial amount of time in order to use it as a bargaining chip.

Recently though, Democrats began to grow a tiny bit of a spine, which resulted in the largely republican blamed government shutdown. Tea Party support is at it’s lowest since “Tea Partiers” became a thing, and the rest of the Republican Party leadership has finally realized that they are out of control.

So what now? Democrats are still reeling from the awful roll-out of Obamacare (which is showing sign of picking up, but not enough to help Dems come November), as well as all the NSA backlash that Obama likely knew about.

Like Richard Sherman attacking an unsuspecting Erin Andrews, the republicans have decided to pounce. But this move is noticeably less overt, and it’s fucking brilliant.

Democrats saw this "surrender" coming as much as poor Erin saw this interview coming

Democrats saw this “surrender” coming as much as poor Erin saw this interview coming

For the first time in the Obama presidency, Republican House members are not going to hold the credit of the United States hostage to their demands. In other words, they are going to do what they did for nearly every other president, including George Bush and their beloved Ronald Reagan, countless times and pass a “clean” bill to raise the debt ceiling for the roughly one full year.

I would love to call this a victory for common sense, bipartisanship, sanity, Democrats, America, and our foreign creditors…. but I can’t.

This is one of the smartest, most calculated political moves the Republicans have made in a LONG time. Something that might actually work to their advantage.

As stated, this fight has hurt Republicans recently. So why bother with it again when they are set to gain seats in the House and compete to take control of the Senate for the remainder of the Obama presidency? Instead, they ignore this fight, take this “loss” that almost nobody but the uber right-wing will care about and continue attacking any Democrat running for Congress.

The GOP knows the Democrats are hurting. Even Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri has acknowledged that vulnerable Democrats, particularly in the Senate, do not want Obama to campaign for them.

People are calling this a cave by the GOP. Here’s Politico’s homepage as of last night:
Politico debt ceiling surrenderBut in reality this is Oliver P. Smith’s advance in the opposite direction. The Republicans will gladly take this small hit in order to secure the Senate for the remaining two years of Obama, where they can force debt ceiling fights as much as they want.

Or I could be wrong.

Maybe Republicans are actually changing. And if so, maybe everybody can. We just need someone to end this political Cold War of who’s going to cave first. I know just who to call….

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