About D St. Politics

A quick background on the minds behind the madness. Make sure to follow us @DStPolitics to get all the most recent updates from the blog.


Writer: Dan Pino
Age: 24
About: DC transplant from Boston, MA. Bachelors degree in American History with a minor in Political Science. Grew up in Fairfield, CT, but also lived in Sugar Land, TX for 6 years before moving to Boston where he went to Northeastern University.
Experience: Worked on Elizabeth Warren’s successful Senate campaign, a DC PR firm, as well as for Governor Deval Patrick in the administration’s press office. Currently working for a major non-profit.
Twitter: @DanPino

blog pic option 2

Writer: Michael A. Parker
Age: 23
About: Making the country a better place to hang out, drink a drink, and read a book.
Experience: Mid-shelf Bourbon and Old Dead White Men.
Twitter:  @MichaelParkerA

nicole anzuoni dstpolitics profile pic

Writer: Nicole Anzuoni
Age: 22
About: Double majoring in cynicism and pop culture at Emmanuel College in Boston, MA. She occasionally studies English there as well.
Experience: Freelance daydreaming/freeloading writer.
Twitter: @kneecold_a


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