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21st Century Total War

by Mike “(T)his generation of youth is shaping history. We saw that dramatically across the Arab world starting over a year ago in Tunisia. And we see it globally now in homes and in communities, clinics and schools, governments and … Continue reading

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Live Blog: POTUS Syria Speech

Hey Everyone, Dan and I have decided to do a “live-style” blog of the Obama speech tonight. Since there have been so many developments, we wanted to give you a constant feed of our thoughts and ideas on the Syria … Continue reading

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Hail to the Commander-in-Peace

By Mike I was sitting in my office the other day watching John Kerry speak on MSNBC…and an unsettling feeling crept about me. It wasn’t just the descriptions of the grisly and nefarious violence occurring in Syria; in fact that … Continue reading

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A Call to Action

By Michael This week has been crazy. Between striking down DOMA and Wendy Davis’ herculean effort to block anti-abortion legislation in Texas, many progressives believe that they should be celebrating. We shouldn’t be, not yet. I’m not trying to quell … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Big Leagues

By Michael We all know that dealing with despots hasn’t been the UN’s forte, but then M23 and the Democratic Republic of Congo happened. More accurately, it has been happening for years. But a couple of months ago something unthinkable … Continue reading

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My Diminishing Manhood

By Michael Many of my friends and family have heard me lament about the trials and tribulations involved with being a white heterosexual male in American society. Every day I wake up to bias and the ever-encroaching “civil rights” initiatives … Continue reading

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Does Cash Rule Everything Around?

By Michael Last week the New York Times wrote about the CIA’s revered decade-old bribery policy with Afghani President Karzai’s Administration. It chronicles the dropping off of tens of millions in cash to Karzai in various exciting receptacles, including: suitcases, … Continue reading

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