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21st Century Total War

by Mike “(T)his generation of youth is shaping history. We saw that dramatically across the Arab world starting over a year ago in Tunisia. And we see it globally now in homes and in communities, clinics and schools, governments and … Continue reading

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We’re gunna shutdown like it’s 1995!

By Dan Whip out your Will Smith style windbreakers, and throw on some Mariah Carey while you wait for Xena to come on, because apparently it’s 1995! The government has shut down for the first time since 1995, and it … Continue reading

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A Call to Action

By Michael This week has been crazy. Between striking down DOMA and Wendy Davis’ herculean effort to block anti-abortion legislation in Texas, many progressives believe that they should be celebrating. We shouldn’t be, not yet. I’m not trying to quell … Continue reading

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IRS-AP-Benghazigate and the Overzealous GOP

By Dan What a terrible week for the Obama administration. Easily the worst single news week during his presidency, and probably worse than any single week in the Bush presidency. The GOP was handed a gift-basket of scandals this week … Continue reading

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